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About Shoot the Moon Films

Who are we?

Shoot the Moon Films is a New England based film production company, experienced in film (feature and short), commercials, and web-series. It was founded in 2013 by Curtis Reid and Jeffrey Buchbinder.
Curtis Reid

Curtis Reid

Curtis Reid is the co-founder of Shoot the Moon Films and serves as the Producer for all projects that are released under the company name. Curtis started out as an actor in the Boston area and met Jeff Buchbinder, (the other co-founder of Shoot the Moon Films), while working on a short horror project in late 2012. Since that time, Jeff and Curtis have been working together to write, direct, and produce multiple projects throughout New England.

Since 2013, when Shoot the Moon Films was officially launched, Curtis has been both acting and producing in the projects. Although he was initially only an actor, Curtis transitioned behind the camera and has collected a number of Producing credits within the last year. Some of these credits include; "The Carving" – a short film which recently won 4 awards (including "Best Picture") at the Providence 48-Hour Horror Project, "Searching for the Perfect Meatball" – which is a feature comedy in post-production, a commercial for Distinctive Touch Salon in Connecticut, and more. His main responsibilities as a Producer include; organizing schedules, making and distributing call sheets to actors and crew, communicating with business owners and individuals to confirm shooting locations, and overall organization of products and services for the Production Company.

He also wants to thank all the actors, crew members, and anyone else who has contributed time or energy to Shoot the Moon's past productions.

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Jeffrey Buchbinder

Jeffrey Buchbinder

Jeffrey Buchbinder is the co-founder of Shoot the Moon Films and serves as the primary cinematographer for most of the projects that are released under the company name, as well as serving as director, editor, and colorist for many of them. Jeffrey has been working in different visual mediums for over twenty years, starting with film photography.

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Why are we here?

Our mission is to successfully write, direct, and produce quality productions, while providing opportunity and bringing value to the film community through collaboration and innovative projects.

We ultimately hope to collaborate more with local businesses and filmmakers, in order to facilitate growth and provide opportunities to those within the New England film community. It is our goal to create an atmosphere (on and off set), where actors and crew members will be confident, comfortable, and proud of themselves. We are looking forward to more projects in the coming months and are eager to get more people involved!

Opensource Project Work

We opensource much of the code we use for our production, which can be seen on GitHub.